Scientific research shows that low- and no- calorie beverages can help people lose weight and also aid them in keeping the pounds off. Despite a recent New York Times piece, which tries to erroneously cast doubt, the science is clear.

Multiple studies have affirmed the effectiveness of low- and no- calorie beverages. A study published just this month in the journal Obesity showed that participants who drank low- and no- calorie beverages versus water alone not only lost weight and kept it off, but reported feeling less hungry. And another study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that low- and no- calorie beverages can help people cut calories and shed pounds. A 2009 paper in the International Journal of Obesity concluded that those who successfully maintain weight loss use a number of dietary strategies to do so, including consuming more low- and no- calorie beverages, which may help because it gives individuals a wider range of choice. More studies and research can be found here.

Not only are these sweeteners effective but they are safe. Low- and no- calorie sweeteners have been studied for decades and have been repeatedly deemed safe by regulatory agencies around the world. And just last month the 2015 Dietary Guidelines declared them safe for consumption.

Let’s put to rest once and for all the tired myth that diet drinks make you fat.