As parents and others discuss what foods and drinks should be available in our schools, we at Sip & Savor are proud of the fact that our member companies already have changed the beverage landscape in America's schools. It is, as we like to say, a brand new day in America's schools when it comes to beverages.

We have removed full-calorie soft drinks and replaced them with lower-calorie, more nutritious, smaller-portion options.  The result: We have slashed beverage calories by a dramatic 88 percent.

So, when a new national poll shows that just over half of American adults believe some snacks and soft drinks should be banned from sale in schools, we can proudly say that our industry has stepped up to do its part and has delivered on its commitment to America’s parents and schools.

A new Rasmussen poll shows that 52 percent of those surveyed support removing certain snacks and beverages from schools while some 40 percent disagree. Most women favor doing so-some 57 percent, while men are evenly divided.

The national conversation about healthier school lunches is being driven by concern over the growing problem of childhood obesity.  More than half of those surveyed view obesity as a very serious problem, and we certainly agree.  But, it’s an issue that requires a comprehensive solution that incorporates parents, teachers, community leaders and businesses working together.

Rasmussen polling also has found that 56 percent don’t want "sin taxes" and only 37 percent think the taxes would lead to a reduction in obesity.  Some 86 percent don’t think it’s the government's responsibility to decide what people eat or drink.

If you'd like to learn more about our School Beverage Guidelines, please take a look at our website and view our television ads about how rivals came together, with their school partners, to help kids make more balanced choices every day.