Over the years, we have taken significant steps to promote balance, encourage mindful consumption and protect consumer choice. This is a far more effective approach than imposing discriminatory taxes and restrictions that are opposed by the vast majority of people. Quite simply, providing choice and information is a better way. 

This past year, we launched a year-long advocacy campaign to talk directly to moms about how Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and Pepsi are working together to provide more choices, smaller portions and less sugar. Not only are we engaged in industry-wide actions but each company is using their individual marketing and innovation strengths as part of our efforts to reduce sugar and calories consumed from beverages —a topic that is important to America’s moms.

The campaign was the industry’s most successful to date. Over the course of 2017, we reached more than 18 million moms, who a are trying to reduce sugar from beverages in their family’s diet. To learn more about the actions we are taking, visit BalanceUS.org