Today is National Doughnut Day! We don't know about you, but we here at Sip & Savor enjoy a good doughnut now and again. After all, we all can give ourselves a little treat here and there. The key is balancing those calories by getting regular exercise. It all comes down to energy balance - calories in, calories out.

But as you savor a sweet moment of indulgence at your favorite doughnut shop, ask those around you what doughnuts and the Salvation Army have in common. No clue? Well, here's your history lesson for the day.

In 1938, during the Great Depression, National Doughnut Day started as a fund raiser for the Chicago Salvation Army. It was their goal to help the needy, while also honoring the Salvation Army "Lassies." During World War II, "Lassies" were the female volunteers who made home-cooked foods - including doughnuts, which were cooked in oil inside metal helmets - for the soldiers behind the front lines. Another interesting fact: American infantrymen were often called "doughboys." You can learn more about National Doughnut Day by checking out the video on the Salvation Army's Web site.

So whatever you call it - doughnut, donut, fritole, beignet or something else - grab a free or discounted one at your favorite doughnut establishment and remember the soldiers who fought for our freedom - and the women who made sure they were well-fed.