Over six years ago, America’s beverage companies launched the Clear on Calories initiative in support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign. With this initiative, we made a voluntary commitment to place clear calorie information on the front of every can, bottle and pack we produce.

In the six years since the initiative was launched, Americans have become accustomed to having this easy-to-use information about calories at their fingertips. And these reminders continue to encourage people to consider their calories and the variety of options they have when choosing a beverage.

We know consumers want fact-based information about their beverages, and we continue to bring that information to them in new ways and in more places. Shortly after the launch of Clear on Calories, we announced our Calories Count initiative, which places reminders to “Check Then Choose” the calories on the front of vending machines. And through our most recent initiative, Balance Calories, we are placing reminders to “Balance What You Eat, Drink and Do” on over 3 million company-controlled vending, cooler and fountain equipment nationwide.

The beverage industry understands that when it comes to choosing what to eat and drink, people can make these decisions for themselves. That’s why we continue to bring clear and factual information about our products to our consumers so they choose the option that best fits their day.