For many of today's college grads, the job search will continue beyond the campus ceremonies.

We at Sip & Savor are proud of the fact that our member companies provide more than 208,000 good-paying jobs across the country - and help support hundreds of thousands more jobs in related industries.

Often, our most visible jobs are the delivery drivers who in many ways are the face of the industry.  But careers in our industry stretch from the grocery shelves to scientific labs, from local bottlers to corporate beverage headquarters and span such specialty areas as customer service, marketing, food science, nutrition, regulatory affairs, manufacturing, sales, government and legal affairs, package innovation, technology, security and business administration - to name a few.

Whether you are taking a look at ours or other industries, it’s important to look beyond the corporate name and consider the expertise and talent required to make a product or provide a service and to run the companies that do just that.  It also could prove to be helpful to look beyond the corporate headquarters on the map and explore where a company’s regional or local job needs might intersect with a graduate’s background.

This year's graduating class faces some special challenges given the economic climate of the last couple of years, but today’s grads are better equipped than ever to offer cutting-edge talent and we wish them well.

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