Regular readers of Sip & Savor know that we often use this blog to share the facts on studies focusing on our products and their ingredients that garner media attention which is often unbalanced or provides only one perspective.  A recent example was our push back on a study that alleged drinking diet soda was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular issues.

And, as you likely know, we also like to share others’ perspectives on science.

Today, these two worlds collided when our friends at the Ohio Soft Drink Association shared with us a letter to the editor published in The Columbus Dispatch addressing the above referenced Journal of General Internal Medicine study – and we thought it was worth sharing it with you.  We hope you take just a moment to read it.  We wholeheartedly agree with author Dr. David Vanata, an associate professor of nutrition and director of dietetics at Ohio’s Ashland University.  To quote his closing words, we, too, hope that common sense prevails.