Today at we came across a column by Lane Scott, a visiting fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, that covers why soda tax proposals are nothing more than a money grab and will do nothing to address the very serious and complex issue of obesity.

As Scott writes:

“So why are politicians in Richmond and El Monte pushing one-cent taxes on soft drinks?

Simple: Soda taxes may do little to cure childhood obesity, but they can work miracles for cash-strapped city governments. Many California municipalities are sinking because of outrageous debt, mismanagement scandals, and a shrinking taxpayer pool. It is no surprise that politicians are coming up with new and creative ways to increase revenues.

Here's an idea: Why don't we instead focus on actual, scientifically-proven ways to reduce childhood obesity? After all, we do know how to combat this problem: frequent family dinners at home, reduced time in front of a television screen, and increased time playing outside. Healthy kids are a product of how we live, not just what we buy.”

Well said. Our industry focuses on real solutions – by working with former President Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama and the U.S. Conference of Mayors to create and support programs and initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles and choices for the long term.

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