We all know the signs: it starts with a sneeze, a scratchy throat, then you’re pulling from the tissue box and soon you’re buried deep under your blankets feeling just plain miserable. It’s that time of the year – cold and flu season.

We all have our ways of making it through the season; some load up on vitamin C, don chunky sweaters and scarves, others swear by hand sanitizer. But whether you’ve caught a cold or are trying to steer clear of one, there is one piece of advice that health professionals and parents alike share in common – drink plenty of fluids.

Our member companies provide plenty of choices when it comes to staying hydrated this cold and flu season - from bottled water to 100 percent juice drinks packed with vitamin C to classic colas and ginger ales to settle an upset stomach.

Whatever your preference, be sure to check out DeliveringChoices.org for more information about our industry and products!

Stay healthy this season and keep reading Sip & Savor.