For two days out of every 730, members of our great industry gather at InterBev to learn best practices, network with our peers, and see the latest that product innovation has to offer.  This year, InterBev 2010 will be like no other – and we at Sip & Savor can't wait to see our industry colleagues in Orlando.

ABA and IBWA, co-sponsors of InterBev 2010, have taken some bold and innovative steps to ensure that those in the beverage industry are given a unique opportunity. We've added an Industry Town Hall (stay tuned - more to come on that next week!), the InterBev Beverage Innovation Awards, and myriad cutting-edge live events right on the trade show floor.  In fact, we are proud to present a unique opportunity to hear from William McDonough, internationally renowned designer, primary proponent of "The Next Industrial Revolution" and author of Cradle to Cradle.

A little more than a decade ago, Time magazine recognized McDonough as a "Hero for the Planet." He has garnered accolades for myriad achievements in forward-thinking, environmentally sound, sustainable architecture and design over the least 20 years.  Along with his colleague, German chemist Michael Braungart, McDonough is renowned for the development of a new design paradigm that calls for industry to utilize ecologically intelligent design, resulting in the creation of products, industrial systems, buildings and more - and allowing for a symbiotic relationship between nature and commerce. This "Cradle to Cradle" approach is a positive, science-based design and transformation agenda, which can manifest the opportunity to provide resources for a coming population of nine billion souls in a celebration of human innovation and creativity aligned with the laws of nature.

Have we piqued your interest?  If you're part of our industry - from an iconic brand manager to an innovative entrepreneur and then some - McDonough is sure to get you thinking in a brand new way. So join us in Orlando for William McDonough's presentation of "A Strategy of Hope: From Less Bad to More Good."

We look forward to seeing you there! So register now for InterBev 2010.