Here at Sip & Savor, we often write about the importance of calorie balance – that is, balancing the calories from all that we eat and drink with those we burn through physical activity – when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. Our critics will say that we shouldn’t be addressing the “calories out” part of that equation – but we think it is important to focus on both calories “in” and “out” if we really want to make strides in addressing obesity.

That’s why today we are sharing an article in the Washington Post which focuses on an Institute of Medicine report released yesterday recommending that schools provide opportunities for at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day for students.  The report also recommends that physical education become a core subject.

The bad news?  The report also shares that only about half of our nation’s youth are getting at least that amount of vigorous – or even moderate – intensity physical activity every day. In fact, CDC reports that only about 30 percent of students nationwide attend PE classes five days a week. Furthermore, The 2012 Shape of the Nation Report: Status of Physical Education in the USA, issued by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), states that only 6 states - Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York and Vermont - require physical education in every grade.

Times sure have changed since many of us here at Sip & Savor were growing up. We hope you’ll take some time to read these reports.  And we also hope you’ll find at least 60 minutes to be physically active with the children in your life – today and every day.