A statewide beverage tax proposal in California has once again struck out. This marks the third time in three years that the tax has been shelved by legislators.

“Elections come and go, legislative leaders rise and fall, but one constant remains in Sacramento: Soda taxes can’t get traction,” wrote Sacramento Bee reporter Jeremy B. White in an article about the tax proposal.

Last week the sponsor of the legislation pulled his proposal to impose a 2-cent-per-ounce tax on a sugar-sweetened beverages after it was clear he did not have the votes to advance the measure out of committee.

The reason for this repeated failure is simple. People do not support taxes on items on their grocery lists. They understand that taxes put local jobs and businesses at risk and fall hardest on their neighbors struggling the most.

“Year after year, that campaign has met defeat in Sacramento. Bills to tax soft drinks have repeatedly failed, as have efforts to label drinks with warnings of health hazards. On the local level, Davis recently rejected a soda tax push,” continued White.

Taxes have never made anyone healthier. Instead, education and collaboration lead to real and lasting positive change. Even though calories from sugar-sweetened beverages only account for 6 percent of calories consumed in the average American diet, America’s beverage companies are doing more than any other industry to advance solutions to public health challenges like obesity.

With our Balance Calories Initiative in partnership with an Alliance for a Healthier Generation, we are working to reduce beverage calories in the American diet. And we are offering more lower- and no-calorie options and portion sizes so that people can choose a beverage that fits their day.

To learn more about how America’s beverage companies are doing their part to help people achieve balance, visit http://deliveringchoices.org/.