Hurricane Irene did not cause the mega-devastation some expected all up and down the eastern seaboard, but the storm left a number of states anything but unscathed   At least 25died, according to the Associated Press.  Several million residents lost electricity. Flood waters buckled bridges and today continues to threaten northeastern communities.

In various states, billions of dollars of economic loss mounted from home roofs and cars crushed by uprooted trees.  Surging waters damaged homes, businesses, roads and other infrastructure.  Business lost due to evacuations added to the toll.

Up and down the coast, Americans methodically had prepared -- with many under evacuation orders -- making sure they and their families had flashlights, medical supplies, battery-operated radios, non-perishable food and bottled water.  With each passing weather concern this year, family preparedness has become a finely-tuned ritual.

Those who found Hurricane Irene only to be a weekend inconvenience can take a moment to reflect on those who were not so fortunate and to pay a special remembrance to the citizens of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast who, six years ago today, faced the horrific Hurricane Katrina.