As America’s beverage companies are working to cut sugar and calories consumed from beverages, Coca-Cola North America president Sandy Douglas says the company’s sales of smaller portion sizes, or mini-cans, are on the rise.

According to an article from FoodBev Media, Douglas reports that the smaller portion sized cans now make up 15 percent of Coca-Cola’s retail sales in the United States, up from 10 percent just six years ago. On the other hand, larger package sizes like 2-liters dropped from 60 percent of sales in 2011 to 50 percent today.

This is just the latest example of how America’s beverage companies are listening to consumers and reducing sugar in beverages.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group is offering new sparkling water flavors and also introduced two mid-calorie (90 calories per bottle) versions of Snapple Straight Up Tea, including Honey Green Tea and Rooibus.

In the first three months of 2017 alone, PepsiCo launched four new national brands each with less than 100 calories per 12 ounces - LIFEWTR (0 Cal), IZZE Fusions (60 calories per 12 ounces), Lemon Lemon (70 calories per 12 ounces) and Stubborn craft soda (90-100 calories per 12 ounces) available in 12 ounce glass bottles and at fountain.

In addition to reducing sugar in our beverages we are raising awareness about these beverage choices and encouraging people to consider trying them by placing consistent, easy-to-read information on vending machines, fountain equipment and retail coolers in grocery and convenience stores – asking people to “Balance What You Eat, Drink & Do.” From the grocery store to the vending machine, people are getting the encouragement, as well as the opportunity, to pursue balance and consider choices that can help them reduce their calorie and sugar intake. To learn more visit