America’s beverage industry is a vital part of the economic engines of cities and towns across the United States. Beverage companies provide good-paying jobs in our communities; significant tax revenues for schools, infrastructure and other services; and support for local community initiatives.

All of this adds up to a direct economic impact of $169.1 billion nationally. Importantly, the beverage industry is responsible for nearly 240,000 American jobs and provides $21.1 billion in wages. Almost 800,000 more jobs, including workers in restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, movie theaters and more depend, in part, on beverage sales for their livelihoods. The impact from retail adds another $118.2 billion to the economy beyond what our industry generates directly.

The beverage industry also provides considerable tax revenues - $13.6 billion at the state level and $22.9 billion at the federal level. And beverage companies and employees generously contribute $1.6 billion to charitable causes across the country.

The American beverage industry’s roots run deep in communities from coast to coast. We are a part of the celebrations and the good times, but we are also one of the first to step up when tragedy strikes. We care deeply about the communities where we live, work and play. We are American companies with American workers making American products in America’s hometowns.