We at Sip & Savor make recycling a part of our everyday routine.  America Recycles Day was last Saturday, and we hope you joined us in celebrating by making the world greener!

Our member companies have a longstanding commitment to further minimizing their environmental impact and making it easier for consumers to do the same.  Our industry has built partnerships to make recycling more accessible for people on-the-go by working with a broad range of partners, including local and state governments and municipalities.  Here are some examples:

Through the Massachusetts Recycling Challenge (MRC), the Massachusetts Beverage Association and the ABA are working with local officials to purchase and place custom recycling collection bins in strategic locations, including sports fields, town squares, trolley stops and city parks. In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Beverage Association led a grassroots initiative to establish recycling at the County Fairs by working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Through this effort, more than 220 syrup barrels from beverage bottlers were repurposed with new recycling lids and placed adjacent to trash cans to collect bottles and cans for recycling. Additionally, the Florida Public Space Recycling Project was a partnership between ABA, the Florida Beverage Association and the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority to establish recycling collection at beaches, boardwalks and marinas. Recycling bins were placed adjacent to trash cans to collect bottles and cans, reducing litter in these locations by 75 percent.

Our industry is doing its part, and through these public-private partnerships we are making it easier to do your part, too.  For more information on our industry’s environmental stewardship, read our full news release by clicking here.