In a recent opinion editorial published in the Des Moines Register, ABA President and Chief Executive Officer, Katherine Lugar, joined Leslie Sarasin of The Food Industry Association and Geoff Freeman of the Consumer Brands Association in thanking our heroes working every day to contain and defeat the COVID-19 virus.

From the piece:

“They deserve our heartfelt thanks, as do other unsung heroes of this crisis, who are working harder than ever to keep America’s essential goods, food supply and common grocery items moving. It is the tireless efforts of countless farmers, manufacturing workers, delivery drivers, grocery store cashiers and stockers who are keeping America fed and nourished.

These men and women are stepping up to meet our immediate and critical food and beverage needs during uncertain times. They, too, have families to care for, neighbors who are sick or vulnerable, and fears to overcome. But they are doing it because it is essential. Let’s join as Americans to offer thanks to those on the front lines keeping grocery shelves stocked.

On behalf of the food and beverage industry, we’d also like to thank the mayors, governors, leaders in Congress and administration officials who are working tirelessly, constructively and responsively to keep our supply chain moving. Our essential critical workers could not do this without their support.”

Please join us in thanking all those who are #HereForYou and our communities during this challenging time.