The heat wave—which first emerged so very early this year—continues with city after city hitting record highs.   From the homeless to National Guard soldiers, from sports teams to road workers, the impact is felt.   A CBS/AP report said heat advisories and warnings were issued for 17 states Monday and forecasters at the National Weather Service warned that what the Midwest was experiencing was headed east.

So, the message about prevention and hydration bears repeating. Heat safety tips stress the importance of hydration even if you don’t feel thirsty.

The Weather Channel has extensive information, warning of everything from severe sunburn to heat stroke and it lays out important steps to protect yourself in advance by doing a family preparedness plan and on how to stay safe during a heat wave.  The American Red Cross is another source for a Heat Wave Safety Checklist.

We at Sip & Savor hope you’ll stay hydrated and safe and that you’ll help keep an eye out for those most vulnerable.