Here at Sip & Savor, we are always on the lookout for motivational fitness tools that we can share.  The more we search, the more we find.  In today’s online quest, we bumped into a feature called “Healthy Outings,” which includes a seasonal post on “7 Reasons to Get Outdoors.”  It is, the author suggests, time to step off the treadmill and get into nature to squeeze in a little exercise.  We’ve shared this concept in previous blogs, but there is something very enticing about dissecting the idea into seven good reasons and accompanying each with an illustrative photograph.  We encourage you to check out the seven reasons on Southern Living magazine’s website and – whether you spend the spring and summer months exercising in a gym or the great outdoors or both – we hope you’ll make physical activity an integral part of your daily life.   Always remember, to maintain a healthy weight— balance calories consumed and calories burned.