Summer officially kicks off this weekend with the Memorial Day holiday. And as people fire up the grills, head out to the beaches and parks, or dust off their patios for a new season of outdoor fun - we know they'll stock up on plenty of our industry's great products.

As the non-alcoholic beverage industry, we make a bevy of beverages to meet every taste and need. This includes soft drinks of all flavors and calorie ranges; waters with varying tastes and qualities; cold teas; crisp and flavorful fruit drinks; and some old-fashioned bottled favorites (root beer, orange soda, cream soda) coupled with some new beverages like "floats." There's a reason that beverages take up an entire aisle in most stores - there are so many options for people today.

Memorial Day weekend is also a traditional time for great deals on beverages at your favorite grocery stores. So check them out and stock up.

As you're having fun this weekend, don't forget the meaning of the holiday: to remember those who gave their lives, put their lives on the line and sacrificed themselves for our freedoms. This includes the freedom to enjoy a great weekend with our families and friends in safety and comfort.

Yep - you're hearing this reminder a lot right now from various sources. But take it seriously. It's when we forget or take for granted the sacrifices these men and women make that our country will reach a pretty scary place. Thank those who served...not just this weekend, but anytime you see a man or woman in uniform. It really does mean a great deal to them - just as they mean a great deal to all of us who love this great country.

Have a fun and safe weekend. And if you're driving this weekend - make sure you're drinking our products!