From all of us at Sip & Savor, we would like to wish you a happy Independence Day!

Today we celebrate the 239th anniversary of the day the 13 American colonies broke from the British Empire by adopting the Declaration of Independence, an act that created the United States of America. All over the country, people will be celebrating the birth of our nation with family, fireworks, parades and picnics.

We Americans cherish our freedoms. But it’s good to remember that the Declaration of Independence did not win us our freedom. It took eight hard years of war following July 4, 1776, to do that.

Americans have stood up and fought throughout the country’s history to protect their freedoms, in wars overseas or by taking part in our political and democratic institutions at home. Even today Americans have to stand up for their freedoms to protect them.

So celebrate our independence by enjoying those unalienable rights - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - that compelled our forefathers to boldly take on an unjust empire. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!