We know that it takes comprehensive approaches to combatting obesity to drive meaningful and lasting results.  That’s why we’re happy to support “Let’s Move!,” and congratulate First Lady Michelle Obama on the four year anniversary of this effort.

We launched our Clear on Calories initiative back in 2010 in support of “Let’s Move!” because we want to empower consumers and provide them with the calorie information they need to make informed choices.  We led the way with this bold initiative that places calorie information at consumers’ fingertips so consumers can choose what is right for them and best meets their individual needs. By placing calorie information right up front, we’re ensuring people see the information they need in an easy-to-read and understandable way.

This is yet another way we are joining smart and forward-thinking partners to step up to be part of the solution to obesity.  For more information on this and other industry initiatives, check out DeliveringChoices.org.