It's that time of year. It starts with a few innocent sniffs, grows into some sniffles and the next thing you know you can't sniff anything. The honker is plugged. Your head is stuffed. And you're just plain miserable. It's cold season.

When it comes to the cold, there's lots of great advice from doctors, nurses and health experts like those at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are also the home remedies, the ones your mom made famous.

But if there's a common piece of advice for dealing with a cold from the professionals and good old mom it's this: drink plenty of fluids.

Ahhh, lucky for you this is the blog of the non-alcoholic beverage industry. We may not have the cure, but we certainly have products that can help get you through what ails you.

Of course, we have water. Plenty of it. Safe and sealed in a bottle of your very own that can travel with you from the bed to the couch. (The CDC, after all, cautions against the use of cups and glasses that may be shared, even accidentally, for that could help spread your cold to others.)

Others say drink the orange juice, ripe with Vitamin C and other natural goodness. Some experts say OJ may help prevent or shorten colds, particularly for those who are very physically active or stressed. But at a minimum, it helps meet the drink plenty of fluids rule.

Then there are those who promote the benefits of tea and its antioxidants, particularly herbal tea and hot tea. Another good choice.

And, our industry provides plenty of clear sodas that mom and others often recommend. The 7-Up, Sprite, Sierra Mist and ginger ale products. These have been known to help settle the cold that comes with an unsettled tummy.

Whatever your preference, drink plenty of fluids. Our products site will provide you background on bottled waters, juices, teas, soft drinks and other beverages. Check it out. And, of course, always listen to your doctor or health professional when seeking their advice on how to beat a cold.

We'll even provide an assist to our friends at the CDC and remind you to get your flu shot as well. There's still time. If you think that a cold is bad; well then, you definitely don't want to get the flu.

Here's to good health, no colds or flu, and an early end to that cold - if you catch one. (Or it catches you.)