Today, Barack Obama takes the oath as the 44th president of the United States. It's an historic day for our nation in so many respects. The excitement in this town has been palpable for days.

Inauguration Day is always a special day, particularly when it brings us a new president. It represents a fresh start. A new beginning. A time to be optimistic about the promise that lies ahead for our country.

President Obama spoke often during the past few years about the audacity of hope - of the need for Americans to dream again. Now, as President, he sets upon the more challenging task of turning those hopes and dreams into realities.

We hope that President Obama and his family enjoy today's Inaugural activities. They've certainly earned a day of celebration. And we trust that our iconic industry's great diversity of products will add to the enjoyment of the celebration for the Obamas and others around the country. (Sorry, couldn't resist the plug. )

Americans always welcome the opportunity to renew and refresh this great country. It's what makes America so great. We're a young, vibrant nation. Always looking forward. Always working toward a better day for ourselves and our children.

We embrace the "Yes, we can" attitude that our President is calling us to. In return, it's the vibrancy and unwavering spirit of the American people that President Obama can draw upon when tackling the challenges ahead.

May God bless you, Mr. President, as you lead this nation on a new journey. May it be a safe and prosperous journey for all.