For only the second time in the history of the United Nations, beginning today the General Assembly will meet on issues related to health. According to the website, the “2011 High Level Meeting on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases" will have a “particular focus on developmental and other challenges and social and economic impacts, particularly for developing countries.” As Heads of State and Government, Parliamentarians, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Health and others convene, eyes around the globe will surely be watching.

We, too, care about the health of our consumers, customers and communities – and we continue to do our part to be part of the solution to obesity.

With Clear on Calories, we’re working together to provide calorie information at consumers’ fingertips, so they can choose what’s right for themselves and their families.  And it’s been a year since we released the final report on our national School Beverage Guidelines.  With the guidelines, we delivered on our commitment to remove full-calorie soft drinks from schools, and replaced them with more lower-calorie, smaller-portion options.  As a result, we slashed beverage calories shipped to schools by a dramatic 88 percent since 2004.