Hard-working families are holding their own in this tough economy, but they can't afford higher grocery prices. That's why when we hear that some lawmakers have proposed a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, we want to make sure they know that these taxes will just further squeeze families already struggling to make ends meet. There could not be a worse time to ask middle-income families to pay any more in taxes.

Americans Against Food Taxes is a growing coalition of people, organizations and businesses that are concerned about the role of government.  The American Beverage Association is a founding member.  Coalition members are worried that government is getting too big and too involved in their personal lives and don’t want it telling them what to eat or drink by taxing their food and beverages.

We hope you will head over to the Americans Against Food Taxes website and check out the new "Give Me a Break" ad, and be sure to check in with the coalition on Facebook and Twitter.