As you may know, there's a little football game coming up this Sunday called the Super Bowl. This year it will feature the perennial Super Bowl participant Pittsburgh Steelers against the first-time visitor Arizona Cardinals. It promises to be a good game featuring the Cardinals high-flying passing game vs. the Steelers vaunted defense.

But, for many Super Bowl viewers, the football game is simply the "wrap-around" to the real entertainment for the evening: the Super Bowl advertisements. These commercials feature the best, brightest and most entertaining ads from some of America's most beloved brands and their talented creative agencies. The ads have certainly helped make the Super Bowl a truly American experience, whether you're a football fan or not.

Thus, it's only fitting that two of America's greatest brands from its most iconic industry will be showcasing ads in this year's game: Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. You can be assured that both companies will certainly be bringing their "A"Game to the Big Game. And that means fun for all of us.

So tune in for the fun in-between the action on the football field. And remember to plan now for hitting the restroom and the fridge during the actual ball game. You don't want to miss the commercials.

(Pssst. Since we're talking about commercials, a shameless plug from Sip & Savor. Don't forget to stock up on your favorite soft drinks, flavored waters, bottled waters, sports drinks, juices, energy drinks or other non-alcoholic beverages for the big game.)