Up and down the eastern seaboard and around the Gulf Coast, we all seem to be focused on “all things Isaac” today.  As the tropical storm – which is expected to turn into a hurricane tonight - made its entrance into the Gulf of Mexico this morning, 50,000-plus people are attempting to descend on Tampa for the Republican National Convention (RNC).  However, with bands of rain and strong winds already underway, travel seems to be a difficult endeavor for many. 

Whether or not you planned – or still plan – to attend the RNC, or intend to simply watch from home, let’s take this opportunity to remember one of the things that makes this country so great: our ability to pull together in times of challenge. Our industry is one with a long history of stepping up to the plate to help citizens of communities in need.  We deliver by providing bottled water and more to those feeling the impact of natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti or the California Wildfires in 2007.  You can learn more about the many ways our member companies deliver for you, your family and community by visiting “Delivering Choices.”

As Isaac approaches and you likely stay tuned to your television sets and Twitter feeds, first and foremost, may everyone remain safe.