Many are sweating out 100 degree-plus days in the nation’s capital and surrounding areas without electricity after last weekend’s storm.  Yet over in England, some elite athletes are dealing with possible rain and 60 degree temperatures as they battle to be the next Wimbledon champ. While these everyday citizens and premier tennis players may not have a lot in common, they all have the need for adequate hydration.

In fact, the body of science supports the need for hydration, especially for those engaged in athletics and endurance sports.  A consensus report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies provides general hydration recommendations and notes that ‘prolonged physical activity and heat exposure will increase water losses and therefore may raise daily fluid needs.’

Sports drinks have a long history of scientific research showing their benefits for carbohydrate energy and hydration, which are necessary for an athlete’s overall health, wellness and athletic performance, as well as safety in certain circumstances. These beverages contain electrolytes and carbohydrates, and were created to help athletes and other active people hydrate and provide needed energy before, during and after exercise.

Our industry provides a wide array of beverage choices in a range of portion sizes to help consumers with their daily fluid needs.  Whatever your beverage preference, one thing is certain:  hydration is essential to stay in good health.