Today, June 15, is the Worldwide Day of Giving. For those unfamiliar with the day, everyone is encouraged to perform an act of kindness to spread compassion and inspire similar behavior in others.  You can share your story here and read about the experiences of people. We hope that this sort of thing becomes contagious!

Seems only appropriate that on a day like today, we mention that many of our member companies have charitable programs that promote community involvement around the country and the world. Corporate giving is an important component of promoting local programs in areas of community building, environment, education and health.

The Pepsi Refresh Project that we highlighted earlier this year has been successfully providing the funding for the implementation of charitable ideas submitted and voted on by anyone that visits the site and offers feedback.

The Coca-Cola Company's Live Positively campaign promotes a well-rounded lifestyle through the promotion of involvement in all sorts of programs that cross many types of social issues.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group has developed a set of Five Year Goals this year in similar areas that encourage community development.

Whether you're volunteering your time locally, making a donation to a worthwhile organization or simply working on setting a good example for those around you, we commend your efforts and encourage you to keep up the good work!