Food has become a popular subject across many disciplines lately and while the politics and preferences vary widely, there's one thing we think everyone can agree on: food brings people together.  We have blogged on a variety of subjects related to health and nutrition, but food has a breadth wider than that. This year's Nobel Conference was titled "Making Food Good" and ran the gamut from ethical, physiological, economic and aesthetic elements. And this past Sunday's New York Times Magazine was the annual food issue which covered subjects such as recipes and more conceptual topics like how design plays a role in both food service and community service.

The link that food has to health has also made it a popular topic among legislators. As public health concerns have moved from the home to the school cafeteria to city hall, there is much discussion on where to draw the line.

We at Sip & Savor have regularly written about the importance of access to nutrition education and information in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our member companies' proactive initiatives exemplify this, as they offer clear calorie labeling, a wide variety of beverage options and a modified beverage mix in schools.

As food and beverages continue to be the subject of books, speeches, blogs and legislation, we also continue to set our sights on innovation as the key to keeping our readers informed about our industry, its products and, importantly, its policies, programs and initiatives.