On this day in 1885, the first cafeteria opened in New York City. Many of us dine in cafeterias on a regular basis and are familiar with the concept, but we here at Sip & Savor think it is interesting that cafeterias have been a successful restaurant concept for more than a century, providing customers with a variety of food and beverage choices to meet their needs. Sounds familiar, right?

Also born from the American entrepreneurial spirit in the 1800s, the non-alcoholic beverage industry has a long history of innovative ideas that have helped people choose the beverage that is right for them. Today, America’s beverage companies are making it even easier by providing more choices, smaller portions, fewer calories and clear calorie labels. Visit our Delivering Choices website to learn more about the myriad beverages our industry offers .

All of this makes us think how ironic it is that the city that essentially invented food and beverage choice is today the one proposing to limit that very freedom. As evidenced during every lunch rush in the City, New Yorkers are smart enough to decide which food and beverages they would like to consume. And they have been doing it for more than a century.