With new legislators taking office this month, the economy remains a sensitive issue. Businesses are still struggling to stay afloat.  And, as such, lawmakers should focus on job growth and business development, not increasing the cost of production.

The beverage industry provides 208,000 good-paying jobs across the country, and like many businesses, these companies are feeling the effect of a down economy.  In fact, a beverage production plant announced last week that it would cut back on its operations in Baltimore City.  In a city where a 2 cents per beverage container tax was adopted just last year, it appears that the tax added financial pressure to their business and made it less sustainable to continue production within the city limits.

In places like Baltimore where unemployment is surging and hard-working families are struggling to make ends meet, lawmakers should look to boost the economy through growth and development - not add to the burden of businesses and families.  A tax like this has negative effects on business and Americans can’t afford the added pressure on their wallets.