The Florida Beverage Association (FBA), in conjunction with the American Beverage Foundation for a Healthy America, had the honor of supporting the “Stay and Play” program in Tampa, Fla. this past week. In an effort to support a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle, Elizabeth Dewitt, executive director of FBA, provided the city with a grant, and had the opportunity to tour the “Stay and Play” facilities.

Since 2015, this important community program has provided a safe outlet for at-risk teens in the city to have fun, socialize and stay active. The program provides fitness classes, swimming classes, athletic training and leagues, music production classes and much much more! This is why over 114,740 teens in Tampa Bay have participated in these free programs. Giving these teens a safe place after school has contributed to an 8.9% drop in the crime rate in East Tampa.

As we look for new ideas across the country to help our communities stay active in a safe and fun environment, let’s look at Tampa Bay’s “Stay and Play” program as a shining example!