Oftentimes we see, hear or read news stories about how, when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, one food or beverage is “bad” for you while another is “good” for you.  Our position is that there are no “good” or “bad” foods.  It all comes down to balance.  We know that maintaining a healthy weight – whether we consciously think about it or not – comes down to balancing all that we eat and drink with how much activity we get.  You can gain weight from anything you eat or drink if you’re not balancing it out.  And while sitting at a desk all day does burn some calories, it’s not enough to burn off a day of holiday indulgence all by itself!

Remember  Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps?  There were plenty of stories about how he consumed 10,000 calories a day – but let’s not forget he was also burning them off with hours of training every day.  So as the holidays quickly approach, try to keep things in balance.  Want a glass (or two) of grandma’s famous Egg Nog? Enjoy – but try to incorporate a little extra physical activity to adjust for the additional calories (unless you’re skipping them elsewhere).  We, too, are looking forward to all of the holiday treats.  But so that January doesn’t become a month of New Year’s resolutions focused only on weight (that you tend to forget about come February), indulge in both sides of the calorie balance equation.  If you’re looking for some ways to burn an extra 500 calories, check out this article to get you thinking about what you can do to “up” your “calories out” while you’re enjoying your “calories in.”