Did you know that Venetian merchants first introduced coffee to Europe in 1615 and from there it spread rapidly across the continent and became one of the most popular beverages in Europe? Even before that people had been consuming the ingredient caffeine for thousands of years.

Today, billions of people safely consume caffeine daily, yet there are many myths surrounding caffeinated beverages that might have you questioning its safety.

While an occasional sensational headline may capture your attention, it is important to know that “caffeine’s safety is supported by its long history of consumption and extensive studies on its safety,” according to the International Food Information Council Foundation. While there are a wide variety of foods and beverages that contain caffeine, the majority of caffeine is still consumed through tea or coffee. So next time you want to relax and enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverage, know that you can do so with peace of mind. To get more facts on caffeine click here.