David Ogilvy – also known as “The Father of Advertising” – once said that “on the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.”  And for this reason alone headlines are generally sensational and not always based in fact.

For example, you may have heard, seen or read some media coverage of the ingredient brominated vegetable oil, or BVO for short.  Some have reported that it is a flame retardant (so is water!), and unsafe for use in foods and beverages.  Well, we wanted to make sure that our readers got the facts:

BVO is an emulsifier which is used in some fruit-flavored beverages to improve the stability of the beverage by preventing some ingredients from separating. Readers can rest assured that our products are safe and our industry adheres to all government regulations.

Let’s face it; sensational journalism oftentimes forgoes the facts in favor of catchy headlines.  So be sure to check back with us for updates on this and other topics.  And for more information on our products and their ingredients, check out LetsClearItUp.org.