All you Facebook users know that "lists" are the current craze. It all started with the 25 Things About You sensation which seems to have finally lost its steam.

Now, there's an application called LivingSocial (no space in between words) that allows you to create your own Top 5 lists to share with your friends - such as favorite books, sports teams, must-see movies, TV shows ... whatever your imagination inspires.

Some entrepreneurial social networkers are circulating an application listing their Top 5 Sodas. Great idea! But limiting the list to five is tough. For us at Sip & Savor, it's just downright dangerous, as we get to love all of the hundreds of brands and flavors of soda in our membership.

If you're active in Facebook, check out this application. Share with friends your 5 favorite sodas - and see what you get back from your friends.

A fun way to chat about some fun, refreshing beverages that are meant to be enjoyed.