Did you know that about 85 percent of Americans enjoy caffeine in one form or another each day - whether it's their morning coffee, a zero sugar soda at lunch or an afternoon tea. But how much do you know about the ingredient?

The International Food Information Council has a great resource on its website all about caffeine. There you can learn about how caffeine is used and regulated in foods and beverages, how much caffeine is safe for an average adult and how caffeine can fit in a healthful diet. Here are some of our favorite facts:

  • Caffeine is a naturally-occurring substance found in the leaves, seeds and/or fruit of more than 60 plants. 
  • According to the FDA, the European Food Safety Authority and Health Canada, caffeine consumption of up to 400 mg daily is not associated with adverse health effects in the general healthy population of adults. 
  • Research shows that caffeine can increase mental alertness at work or while studying and can enhance performance on certain mental tasks. 

Find out more by visiting https://foodinsight.org/caffeine/.