Did you know it's important to stay hydrated even in the winter? We usually associate hydration with hot summer days, but staying hydrated in the winter is critical because your body needs water to properly function. Water helps regulate body temperature and keeps the immune system strong during a time when cold and flu germs abound.

And those fun outdoor winter activities, like skiing, ice skating and snowboarding - and some not-so-fun activities like shoveling snow -  all mean you are exerting yourself, and physical exertion means you need water.

Water also keeps your skin healthy - skin that can take a beating in the dry heat of staying indoors for long stretches when the weather is cold.

Fortunately, there are more choices than ever before in the beverage aisle to help you perform at your best. Whether you get your water from tea, sports drinks, still or sparking bottled water or any of the hundreds of innovative choices in the beverage aisle, it's important to remember - everybody's got to drink something.

Find your something and enjoy!