At Sip & Savor, we’re thinking green and so are our member companies. We are proud of the steps we are all taking to look after our planet for generations to come. Through our 100 percent recyclable packaging, our ongoing efforts to lightweight our packaging and use more post-consumer recycled material, or our individual companies deploying hybrid trucks to the roads - we're consciously minimizing our environmental impact.

But it's not just about our efforts - you are making a big difference, too!

Last October, we released a survey which found that, while nearly three in four Americans have access to convenient and efficient curbside recycling programs, there is infrastructure in place for millions more people to gain access. Our industry supports comprehensive recycling plans for all communities, and we believe that making access easy for people will increase participation.

Check out our recycling issue site for more information about what we’re doing and learn some interesting facts about recycling.

And remember - Think Inside the Bin!