Sunday marked the end of the 2012 London Olympics.  Over the past two weeks, there were historical displays of athleticism and talent from all countries that participated.  Sip & Savor would like to congratulate all the athletes who participated and commend them on their exceptional performances.

The Olympic athletes provide us with inspiration and motivation to stay healthy and fit.  While the Summer Olympics happen only once every four years, the athletes who participate in the Summer Games work at perfecting their sport even in off years through rigorous training and commitment to healthful living.  While we may not be headed to Rio for the Summer Games in 2016, we can also continue to motivate ourselves to stay fit and healthy by adding simple healthy steps to our everyday lives.  A 30-minute walk every day is a simple exercise you can do to help prevent weight gain.  Taking the stairs rather than the elevator is another simple way to burn calories and stay fit.  Olympic athletes will tell you that staying hydrated is also essential for good health.  Fortunately, staying hydrated is easy through the myriad of refreshing drink options drink options offered - ranging from bottled water, 100 percent fruit juice and sports drinks.

Though the next Summer Olympics may be four years away, we should still stay mindful of living healthful lifestyles by taking simple steps to stay fit and healthy.