Eco-friendly. Sustainability. Going green.  Energy efficient. Carbon footprint.

These phrases are showing up all over the place as individuals and companies become more environmentally-conscious and also creative about repurposing products.

The beverage industry has a longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship.  After all, we care about the manufacture and life cycle of our packages.  In fact, our containers are 100 percent recyclable.  (You can learn more about all of that on our recycling issue site.)  So today, we wanted to share a few notable nuggets about what some of a few of our members are doing on the environmental front.

The Coca-Cola Company has teamed up with Emeco to create the well-known Navy Chair - which is made of at least 111 recycled plastic bottles. The "111 Navy Chair™" is an Earth-friendly take on a 66-year-old design.

PepsiCo has designed a program that highlights the American competitive spirit and entrepreneurship. The Pepsi Eco Challenge has developed efforts in a few main areas, namely water, energy and packaging, to minimize their own effects on the planet and also help promote these areas of concern among their consumers. Similarly, Dr Pepper Snapple Group has also committed themselves to the cause with efforts in energy and water conservation, recycling and solid waste reduction.

In addition to the many things ABA members are doing, there are lots of examples of creative environmental entrepreneurship  - such as fabric made from recycled bottles, called Eco-fi; clothing made from water bottles, like the H & M dress pictured here in Glamour; dog beds made from recycled plastic bottles; and all kinds of accessories made out of recyclable materials.

So next time you enjoy your favorite non-alcoholic beverage, remember to "Think Inside the Bin" and recycle that container - who knows what it might become!