Earth Day is just around the corner! In communities across the country and around the globe, countless events are scheduled to encourage awareness and appreciation of our planet. By working together, small steps can become big changes toward improving the environment. So, this weekend, do something green - whether it’s taking steps to transform your city, planting a tree, walking instead of driving or learning more about recycling.

For the non-alcoholic beverage industry, environmental responsibility is a priority this Earth Day, as it is every day.  Our industry is dedicated to reducing their environmental impact on every level; from manufacturing and bottling to store delivery.   As an industry, post-consumer recycled materials are increasingly being reused in cans, bottles and packs.  And, through innovative, lightweight packaging, we are reducing the amount of raw materials used overall. More and more, these beverages are being manufactured in LEED-certified buildings and delivered to you in hybrid trucks. Furthermore, all of the beverage industry’s containers are 100 percent recyclable.

You can learn more about the beverage industry’s dedication to the environment here.  Let us know your plans for Earth Day on Facebook and Twitter – we love to hear how you’re making a difference!