In President Obama’s proclamation declaring September as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, he stated that “each American has an important part to play as we build healthier communities for young people across our Nation.”

We agree.  Our industry is committed to supporting communities across America to help address the complex issue of obesity in meaningful and pragmatic ways.  In fact, ABA has joined with the U.S. Conference of Mayors to support its Childhood Obesity Prevention Awards Program, where mayors in large, medium and small cities with outstanding programs that focus on educating children and families about the importance of balancing calories and regular exercise are provided resources to help them boost their local programs.

Earlier this year, Waterbury, Conn., Mayor Neil O’Leary took home first place for his “Kids Marathon Program,” which keeps kids active by introducing them to the sport of running.  The initiative is operated through a collaboration of the YMCA, City of Waterbury, Department of Education, Boys and Girls Club and the Police Activity League.

Check out this video to learn more about Waterbury’s creative program.