America’s beverage companies believe it’s important to provide consumers with accurate information about their food and beverages so they can make informed decisions. That’s why we are constantly innovating to find better ways to get clear and fact-based nutritional information to the public.

We joined with First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move!" program and launched the Clear on Calories initiative, voluntarily placing clear calorie labels on the front of all of our bottles, cans and packs. We then went a step further by adding calorie information to the selection buttons on vending machines along with reminders to “Check Then Choose” to urge people to consider their calories and options before they choose the beverage that best fits their day.

Additionally, as a part of our Balance Calories Initiative we are placing calorie awareness signs on more than 3 million company-controlled vending machines, fountain equipment and retail coolers nationwide.

As we continue to innovate our product lineups to include more lower-calorie and smaller portions size options, consumers have more beverages to choose from than ever before. And by providing clear and useful information, we are making sure our consumers have the facts they need to pick the beverage that best fits their lifestyle.

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