When it comes to maintaining a balanced lifestyle, our member companies understand that it can be hard to do when you are juggling a full schedule.  So America’s beverage industry is doing its part to help consumers – whether at home or on the go – with its longstanding commitment to arming them with calorie information that can help them as they work to find balance.

Not only are our member companies placing clear calorie labels on the front of every can, bottle and pack they produce with our Clear on Calories labeling initiative, they are also providing more information on vending machines.  With our Calories Count™ Beverage Vending Program, we are helping to empower consumers to make the choices that are right for them by adding calorie labels to the selection buttons on beverage vending machines and encouraging consumers to consider the calories in their beverage choices by displaying vending snipes with messages such as “Check Then Choose” and “Try a Low-Calorie Beverage.”

This program – launched in municipal buildings in the cities of Chicago and San Antonio in 2012 and the following year in municipal buildings in Washington, D.C. – is showing up on vending machines across America.  So next time you choose a beverage from a vending machine, stop and take a look.  To learn more, visit DeliveringChoices.org.