We’ve shared with you in the past the importance of staying hydrated.  Water makes up more than half your body weight, and not replenishing with liquids throughout the day can lead to sleepiness, headaches, even muscle cramps and nausea.  It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when there are deadlines to meet at work, kids who need rides to soccer practice and dogs eager to be walked in the evening.

In fact, it’s important to look out for your four-legged friends, too – they can experience dehydration. According to the experts, “a 44 lb. dog that is participating in intense sporting events loses double the amount of water when compared to the same size dog that is not exercising…even at similar environmental temperatures.” Keep an eye out for excessive panting, a slower pace or signs of apprehension.

Dehydration can cause problems for people and pets alike. So, be sure to check out our website to learn more about our industry’s myriad beverage options and to find out more about hydration!