On this day in 1957, production first began on plastic aerodynamic flying discs, commonly known today as Frisbees. The concept for the Frisbee actually began almost a century earlier at a pie factory in Connecticut, established by a man named William Frisbie.  The empty pie tins were popularly used as rudimentary “Flying Saucers” until a plastic version of the disc was invented and patented under a take-off name of the historic pie company.  By 1977, 100 million Frisbees were sold and it had taken off as a fun and fashionable sport.

55 years later, the Frisbee is still a beloved toy across all ages and demographics. And, Frisbee playing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay physically active. With games such as Frisbee Golf, Ultimate Frisbee and Freestyle Frisbee it’s the perfect sport to enjoy with a friend, a whole group of friends or even your dog!