As we approach mid-winter and the weather outside is far from heating up in many parts of the country, we’d like to remind our readers to stay hydrated.  After all, you can dehydrate just as easily during the cold winter as you can in the warmer months.

Here are some fun facts about hydration that you might not know:

Did you know it only takes a loss of one to two percent of your body's ideal water content to cause dehydration? Vigorous activity during the winter, such as sledding, skating, snowboarding and skiing, along with the addition of extra layers of clothing can lead to rapid loss of body fluid and can cause hydration more quickly than you think. Did you also know that high altitude can affect hydration? Higher elevations cause harder and more frequent breathing, resulting in loss of more fluids. So, if you’re hitting the slopes, take a little extra time to make sure you’re well hydrated.

So stay active – and hydrated - during these winter months.  Winter has a lot of fun activities to offer, but remember these tips while you’re active. Your body will thank you for it. Please check out our website to learn more about our industry’s myriad products and to find out more about hydration.